Erectile Dysfunction: What Women Need To Know

Erectile dysfunction is not only a frustrating issue for men, but it affects their partners as well. Women sometimes feel unattractive, angry and sad if their spouse is unable to perform. I always encourage men to bring their spouses with them to our office to discuss any of their erectile dysfunction issues. Women need to be supportive and understanding of the man's condition.

Women have a hard time understanding how men feel about their condition but need to encourage their spouse to seek treatment. Many times my patients can take erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Cialis or other pde-5 inhibitors with some success. These types of medications enhance blood flow through the penis. I find that if these aren’t working, then many men and women become discouraged but don't realize there are plenty of other treatment options including vacuum devices, intracorporal injections like trimix, or penile implants.

The only permanent solution for erectile dysfunction is a penile implant (IPP). Often women are uncomfortable with their spouses getting a penile implant. They may have anxiety about the procedure and they may be concerned about how their partner’s erection will feel when they are intimate. It is important to realize that having a penile implant isn’t just about having sex, it is about feeling whole again. Because the implant is contained within the body, sex can happen at anytime. It will change your relationship for the better. We have many happy male patients and their partners who are willing to share their personal stories with you. Please feel free to call our office so that we can schedule you an appointment today.

It is estimated that erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million men in the US. This condition is caused by numerous factors including but not limited to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and psychological and neurogenic problems. It is seen more often in men who smoke or drink excessively. Some medications like SSRIs for depression can cause men experience problems maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction can be stressful for both yourself and your partner. If you one of these men who suffer from ED, it is important to understand that there are many treatment options.

The least invasive treatment is medications. There are numerous products on the market today that are safe and effective if used correctly. Due to the high cost of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, many men have asked me about alternative non-prescription options. It is important to speak with your doctor before trying non-FDA approved supplements such as herbal Viagra to help with your erections. These types of products have not undergone clinical trial testing and are not regulated by the FDA. They are considered food additives. You should use these with caution and always disclose if you are taking them at the time of your consultation.

Other ED treatment options include injection therapy and vacuum constriction devices. Injection therapy requires extreme caution and it is important for men to learn and be comfortable with this technique before beginning use. Vacuum devices require patience and time and are not a good fit for everybody. The best long term permanent solution for ED is a penile implant.

The good news is that ED is treatable. If pills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis don't work, call the office today to set up an appointment to find a treatment option to end your ED permanently.